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Partial dentures are used to replace one or more missing teeth. Such prostheses can be fixed by the support of remaining natural teeth in the mouth, just like a bridge, thanks to the metal part used as the support material. However, unlike the bridge, partial dentures can be completely removed by the user. It takes some time to adjust and become familiar when they are newly installed, but most patients think that partial dentures meet the need for function and appearance.


Partial dentures are cost-effective alternatives to the implant and are tailored to the patient's current dental condition. It should be renewed with changes in the mouth or alternative types of treatment should be considered.


Who Can Use Partial Dentures?


Patients with one or more missing teeth and with remaining teeth surrounding these cavities may be candidates for partial dentures. A dental examination is required to determine if you are eligible for partial dentures.

Partial Dentures Preparation and Installation Process


Your dentist will take the impression of your teeth and jaws for the preparation of the prosthesis that will replace your missing teeth. The metal framework and the prosthesis consisting of a gum-coloured acrylic infrastructure and artificial teeth on it will be prepared in the laboratory. Your dentist will then adjust your prosthesis and attach it to your remaining natural teeth with some metal clasps or precision attachments.

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Care and Cleaning

Oral health and cleanliness are important for patients using partial dentures. Gum and tongue should be brushed twice a day to remove bacteria that may cause gum disease and to accelerate blood circulation. A dental examination every 6 months is recommended for maintenance and control. Partial dentures must be brought to the clinic during the examination.  In addition to oral cleaning, dentures require gentle care and frequent cleaning. To care for your dentures, you need to:  

  • Put them in denture solutions and keep them moist/wet, when not in use,

  • Gently brush your dentures with a soft-bristled toothbrush.  

  • Be careful not to drop your dentures, as they may break.   

  • Do not expose your dentures to high temperatures that may cause them to deform.

Partial Dentures (Partial Prostheses)

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