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Dental Tourism

(For International Patients)


Do you need dental treatment? 


When you are on holiday in Antalya, you can get your dental treatment at the highest level and in economic conditions and you can save up to 80%.

  • Contact us via WhatsApp, mail or phone.

  • Our expert team will advise you on your travel plan,

  • Let our experienced dentists take care of your dental treatment in our modern and hygienic clinic,

  • You enjoy your holiday.​

Neden Biz?

Why Us?

1. Economic Treatment:


Although dental treatment in Turkey is at the western standards, it is more affordable at a rate of up to 80%. The main reason why people prefer Turkey for health tourism is accessibility to quality and affordability at the same place. In the Dental Clinic Işıltı, we aim at the most appropriate treatment for our patient without compromising on quality. We use only the highest quality consumables from proven world-famous brands in our treatments.

2. Specialist and Experienced Dentists:

Dental treatment in Turkey is given by professionals trained in a disciplined education system which renews itself in parallel with developments in modern medicine. All of the dentists working in our clinic are experts and experienced professionals.

3. Combining Vacation and Dental Treatment:

Antalya is a tourism paradise with its sea, sun, history and culture. There are different concepts and holiday opportunities for all budgets. Direct flights are available from many destinations around the world. You can have the chance to get dental treatment when you are on holiday with our clinic’s "Dental Tourism" program.

4. Treatment in Modern and Hygienic Conditions:

Dental clinics in Turkey serve in modern and hygienic conditions. The physical and hygienic standards that clinics have to meet are determined by the law and are strictly supervised by the authorities. Our clinic is a modern health institution which has the license of "Type A Private Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic" from the Ministry of Health and equipped hi-tech instruments.

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The Process of Dental Tourism

1. Contact:

Contact us on WhatsApp, mail, forms on our site or phone.

2. Notification of the need:

Tell us about the treatment you need and your complaint.

3. Panoramic X-ray if possible:

If you have the opportunity to take a panoramic X-ray, send it to us. Panoramic x-rays are needed to make your treatment planning correctly. If you don’t have a panoramic x-ray don't worry! According to your explanation and photos taken by yourself, we can make approximate planning and decide together with you on the first day of your arrival to Antalya after we take necessary x-rays in our clinic.

4.Treatment Planning:

Our specialist and experienced dentists will advise you on your treatment, cost and travel planning.

5.Welcome and settlement to hotel:

In accordance with the planning, our team will meet you at the airport and place you in your hotel.


Your treatment will be carried out by our specialist dentists in our clinic on scheduled days. You can enjoy your holiday when you don't have an appointment.

7. Final control:

When your treatment is completed, your dentist will make your final check and make sure that there are no problems before you leave.


Our team will pick you up from your hotel or address and take you to the airport enough time before your flight on the scheduled return date.

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