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Dental Exam and Tooth Cleaning

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Preventive care is the main part of dentistry. We recommend our patients visit the dentist twice a year to have a general examination, complete dental cleaning and to treat minor problems before they grow. We also recommend that anyone who travels abroad or goes to a place where access to dental treatment is difficult and costly have a detailed examination and dental cleaning. The professional cleaning by the dentist helps to remove accumulated plaques that cannot be removed using conventional brushing and floss. Dentists can also identify potential problems that patients have not yet seen or felt. Appointments for the regular dental cleaning and preventive maintenance not only prevent gum diseases but also help to block cavities and other oral health problems before exacerbation.

Is Professional Teeth Cleaning Really Necessary?  

Yes. Even if you brush your teeth and use floss after each meal and before bedtime, bacteria can accumulate in the small crevices, caries, and cavities that the brush and floss cannot reach. Over time, these bacteria can cause tooth pain, decay and tooth loss.

How is The Process?


The process will begin with the initial examination of your teeth and gums.  Then, a panoramic x-ray of your teeth will be taken to have a close look at your teeth to check if you need any dental treatment. You can also consult your dentist about oral and dental health problems. Your dentist will inform you about the overall condition of your teeth and alternative treatments if required. You decide and plan your treatment with your dentist.

After the examination and consultation, your dentist will remove the plaque from your teeth and clean the bacteria. Then, your dentist will polish your teeth using a special rotary brush and some polishing paste.

diş temizliği

What should I do after the dental cleaning?


Do not neglect tooth brushing, flossing and oral hygiene after having your teeth cleaned. Drinking fluoridated water and using fluoridated toothpaste will strengthen your teeth and help you to protect them from decay. The treatments that your dentist recommended after examination are important and need to be done immediately to avoid bigger oral health problems.  

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