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Night plaques, also known as protective bite guards are tools that are custom-made tools for protecting teeth against impact and pressure. Bite guards serve various purposes and are generally recommended for use in patients of all ages. It is prepared in the laboratory after taking the impression of the jaw and tooth structure of the patient by the dentists in the clinic.

It is important to use custom-made bite guards prepared by professionals in dental clinics instead of fabricated tools sold on the market. Because professional dental night plaques and bite guards are prepared in accordance with the patient's jaw and tooth structure, taking into consideration the pressure points and distribution of the applied force. Since it is not possible to individually adjust the force distribution in the fabricated bite guards, joint problems may occur.

Reasons for the Use of Protective Bite Guards

• To protect teeth, tongue and cheeks from impact and bite during sports and physical activities

• Protect teeth against clenching and grinding habits, especially when sleeping at night.

Care and Cleaning

Maintenance and cleaning of bite guards are simple. You should wash it with a soft toothbrush, toothpaste and cold water before and after each use. From time to time, clean with cold water and soap. When not in use, keep your bite guard in a sturdy, airtight box. Do not expose it to extremely high and low temperatures, which may cause distortion or deformation.

Who Should Wear Bite Guards?

It is recommended that those who participate in sports where the jaw and teeth may be exposed to impact such as basketball, football, handball, martial arts, etc. should use a mouthguard. The use of a mouth guard for sportsmen including kids prevents tooth-related injuries.

Those with the habit of clenching and grinding are required to use a night plaque. These habits can eventually erode teeth and cause irreversible damage. Sleeping with the plaque at night can protect the teeth from these unwanted side effects.

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Protective Bite Guard Preparation Process

The process of making a professional protective bite guard is simple. Your dentist will take the impression of your teeth on your first visit and send them to the dental laboratory. In the same or next day, the laboratory will prepare and deliver your personal durable and comfortable bite guards to your dentist. You can get it from the clinic after your doctor’s control.

Bite Guards / Night Plaques

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