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Root canal treatment is the process of removing the nerve called pulp from the canals due to infection. Pulp infection is usually caused by bacteria, in uncontrolled caries, reaching the nerve. Tooth cracks and fractures can also cause infection of the pulp if the bacteria reach the nerve. In root canal treatment, the tooth is opened and the pulp is removed. In order to prevent re-infection, necessary measures are taken and the canal is closed with filling material.

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Early Diagnosis of Dental Caries


While most infected teeth are easily recognized due to the symptoms they cause, some do not give any discomfort. So, it is difficult to recognize and take necessary treatment for this kind of decays. The earlier the dental caries are recognized and controlled, the easier it is to save the tooth and increase the duration of use. Regular dentist appointments allow early detection and treatment of the teeth problems.

Failure to treat an infected tooth can result in loss of the tooth. Worse, the spread of infection to other parts of the body can potentially lead to life-threatening conditions.

kanal tedavisi

The Cases Where Root Canal Treatment Is Applied


Root canal treatment is applied when the nerve in the tooth is infected due to the progression of decay or tooth fracture. Signs and symptoms to be considered are hot-cold sensitivity, swelling, discharge of infection, malodour, pain and discolouration of teeth. Delaying treatment can result in severe toothache and loss of the tooth. So it is important to treat infections as soon as possible.


Root Canal Treatment Process

Your doctor will numb your teeth locally. When the tooth is numb, a hole will be made in the upper part of your tooth to access the canals with the pulp. The pulp will be taken out of the canals with a small instrument called a canal file, then, medicated and covered with the appropriate filling material in order to prevent re-infection. In case of temporary filling, a permanent filling will be made by re-appointment to a later date. If your doctor finds temporary filling unnecessary she/he can apply permanent filling at the first appointment.


After Root Canal Treatment

You can return to your daily life on the same day after root canal treatment. However, it is normal for you to feel tenderness for a while. You should avoid bite anything with the tooth that is temporarily filled, as this may cause the filling to break. As long as your root canal is normally healed and does not have any complications, permanent filling or covering will be done. You can then use your teeth normally.

Root Canal Treatment

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