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Examination &

Tooth Cleaning

ücretsiz diş muayenesi ve diş temizliği.

Preventive care is the main part of dentistry. We recommend our patients visit the dentist twice a year to have a general examination...

Dental Implants

en iyi diş implantı.jpg

Dental implants are surgical level artificial roots that support permanent tooth prosthesis. These devices are embedded in the bone...


Pediatric Dentistry

çocuk diş hastanesi.jpg

Milk teeth begin to erupt when babies are 6 to 12 months old and continue until about three years old. During this time, burning, itching and pain...


Removable Dentures

protez diş.jpg

Dentures are removable dental prostheses designed to eliminate visual disturbances and functional disorders such as eating and...


Zirconium Crowns

zirkonyum diş.jpg

Zirconium is the strongest and longest lasting ceramic available in dentistry at this moment. It is used to fabricate dental crowns, bridges...


Teeth whitening

diş beyazlatma.jpg

Smoking, foods, beverages especially coffee and tea cause discolorations on our teeth, which prevent a brilliant and confident smile.Teeth whitening...


White Composite Fillings

beyaz dolgu.jpg

White composite fillings, also known as “tooth colored fillings” are a tooth repair material designed to be inconspicuous and have a natural...

Bruxism (Jaw Clenching/Tooth Grinding) TMD/TMJ Disorders

diş gıcırdatma.jpg

Bruxism is the medical term of teeth clenching or grinding unconsciously while awake or asleep. It can cause severe pain in the jaw and...


Orthodontic Treatment


Orthodontics is a special branch of dentistry that deals with the prevention and correction of structural disorders in the jaw and...

Partial Dentures / 

Partial Prostheses


Partial dentures are used to replace one or more missing teeth. Such prostheses can be fixed by the support of remaining natural teeth...


Tooth Extraction

diş çekimi.jpg

Tooth extraction is a routine procedure used to remove irreversibly decayed, damaged or other problematic teeth...


Laminates / Veneers

lamina kaplama.jpg

Dental laminates, also known as veneers, are used to cosmetically enhance the appearance of the teeth. They are very thin porcelain shells...


Root Canal Treatment

kanal tedavisi_edited.jpg

Root canal treatment is the process of removing the nerve called pulp from the canals due to infection. Pulp infection is usually caused by...

Night Plaques / Bite Guards / Mouth Guards 

diş gıcırdatma tedavisi.jpg

Night plaques, also known as protective bite guards are tools that are custom-made for protecting teeth against impact and pressure. Bite...

Dental Bridges &


köprü ve kron.jpg

Dental bridges and crowns are tooth prosthesis that are custom-fitted and used to replace or restore missing or damaged teeth. Bridges are used to...

Provisional Restorations (Temporary Prostheses)

geçici protez.jpg

Temporary prostheses are prepared to ensure that the patient has a more comfortable eating and a better appearance during the period that...

Wisdom Teeth Removal

yirmilik diş çekimi

The wisdom teeth are the last 4 teeth that come out in the right and left most posterior part of the lower and upper jaw. They usually erupt...


Cosmetic Bonding

dental bonding.jpg

Bonding is the name of the treatment applied by the dentists to mildly reshape or repair teeth using aesthetic composites, which is the...

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